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Ease of use

Here's what CleverUptime's server monitoring dashboard looks like:

Server Monitoring Dashboard CleverUptime

In addition to server uptime, CleverUptime collects many other metrics. See how easy it is to spot server problems? Let's take a closer look!

Try this interactive demo!

Did you find the problem with the hard drive? That was easy, wasn't it?

Intelligent root cause analysis

Here's an example of how CleverUptime will inform you about a problem with your server:

Get notified.

Receive detailed messages through your preferred communication channels as soon as a problem has been detected.

Get the context.

CleverUptime not only informs you that something is wrong, but also what else is going on with your server and what the root cause of the problem might be.

Get help.

Our extensive knowledge base will help you diagnose the problem, explain the relevant command line tools, and show you where to find the data you need.

Get it solved.

Our best practice guides will teach you how to install and configure your server, and how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes.

Get peace of mind.

Get notified again to be sure that the problem has really been solved.

From: CleverUptime <>
To: You <>
Subject: 🆘 CleverUptime [Error]: HTTPS monitor down for

Dear Admin,

we're very sorry to disturb you, but CleverUptime has just detected an error that needs your immediate attention:

HTTPS monitor down

This is what we found out so far:

  • it happened at timestamp 2023-03-05 11:42:37 (GMT+1)
  • there was no HTTPS response (or timeout) from your web server at
  • there is also a high loadavg of 12.4 on your server with IP
  • load is much higher than the usual 3.7 within the past 24 hours (remember that the server has 8 cores)
  • the high load seems to come mainly from disk I/O on device /dev/sda
  • the process with the highest iowait is called mysql
  • the server is responding to ping requests
  • SSH port 22 is responding to connection requests

Looks like your database could be maxed out

Check out the CleverUptime Dashboard to get more info and performance data for the server.

These articles from our knowledge base may help you troubleshoot the problem:

Good luck! We'll let you know when the problem is gone.

We got your back when things go wrong and give you the data you need.

Automatic configuration

When you add a server to CleverUptime, it will detect:

  • hardware configuration
  • software configuration
  • IP addresses
  • domain names
  • ports and applications
  • DNS records
  • SSL certificates
  • and many other things

CleverUptime uses this data to monitor your server from the inside and outside from the internet.

Monitoring inside and outside

Get a 360° view of your servers. Easily.


Running on your server or VM, CleverUptime monitors:
  • CPU and disk performance
  • swap and memory usage
  • hardware configuration and defects
  • logged in users and permissions
  • and much more


CleverUptime probes your servers from different locations and detects:
  • uptime and availability
  • ports that should not be open
  • incorrect SSL configurations
  • expiry dates of certificates
  • and much more

CleverUptime uses machine learning algorithms to deliver the best results.

Isn't that clever?

Knowledge base

All you need to know as a Linux admin.

Get information about the most important tools and commands you need to troubleshoot your system.

Find out about best practices and tuning tips to install web servers, databases and other applications.

Get help how to deal with common problems, such as high load, disk I/O or network failures.

Attractive pricing for every budget

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  • 1 domain
  • 10 monitors
  • 5 minutes interval

Monitoring Pro

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Monitoring for your startup company
  • 10 servers
  • 10 domains
  • 100 monitors
  • 60 seconds interval

Monitoring Business

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For servers in multiple data centers
  • 100 servers
  • 100 domains
  • 1000 monitors
  • 60 seconds interval

Additional VAT may be applied, depending on your country.